A new Jurassic World movie had just dropped and I went to go see it with my family. The movie was about dinosaurs living in our world, but less-so like Dominion and more-so like a Prehistoric Planet-esc documentary.

The movie starts off relatively normal, we watch some apex dinosaurs fight and we watch herbivores grazing alongside cattle and deer. But quickly the movie devolves. We are introduced to Indian Gorillas, who have had a steadily declining population due to increased predation both by dinosaurs and by poachers.

In an attempt to help India save their native gorillas China lent them 4 billion dollars to use in a program to save the gorillas. The money, however, came with a catch; it had to be used in a eugenics breeding program to create super-gorillas with the objective of using them to protect gorilla troops from dinosaurs and poachers.

The program was successful, too successful. The super-gorillas never saw the light of day, except for two, yellow-eyes and her brother. These two gorillas were adopted by a loving family of humans and possessed human-like levels of intelligence. Eventually, their humans grew too old and passed away, and the two gorillas were shipped off to a primate rehabilitation center.

The primate center, at the time, was suffering from a high level of still-births, onset by something in the food. Yellow-eyes, it appeared, was the one contaminating the food. She had been hoarding some form of edible flower which grew through the center and which her and her brother fed on. When the other primates found this out it was game over.

Yellow-eyes quickly stashed all of the flowers in her brothers enclosure, so only he could have access to them, and then accepted her fate, being torn apart by the other primates at the center.