Aragorn and Legolas accompanied me in a fancy car on our way to Italy, a South American country on Mexico’s south border. The two of them sat in the front seats of the ride and were discussing something in private, I could, however, overhear them. They were talking about how I would make such a great sacrifice to mend human-elf relations and how the Queen would be so pleased.

We arrived at the edge of a cliff overlooking a large crowd below. A wooden patio was built on the cliff and the great Queen of England sat on a chair next to a staircase leading down to the ground below. As I stepped out of the vehicle the world itself shifted and warped as I was led to my seat.

Episodes of Deja Vu flashed through my head as I remembered what was about to happen. The Queen was going to take me to sacrifice me, throwing me off the cliff to my doom. But before she could I would pull out a knife, slicing her fingers clean off and escaping down the stairwell. As the episodes stopped I was being sat down at a table in a café-styled building which retained the layout of the cliff patio; the Queen still sat next to the stairwell but now instead of a cliff a large cut-out window was in its place.

I jumped from my seat and attempted to flee out the front door, however a large burly man grabbed me and held me to his chest in a choke-hold while standing at the center of the floor. The floor was now a trapdoor which would open to a pitfall full of explosives, this was how they planned to sacrifice me. The strong man, despite his grip, would not readjust to keep me locked in. And so, seizing my moment, I wriggled my way out of his grip.

I calmly walked up to the queen and asked her if she knew what was going on, to which she replied no. And so, I escaped the building through the stairwell next to her and found myself in a large open field surrounded by trees and chain-link fence with concrete buildings dotted about. I instinctively knew one of the buildings was home to the Italian authorities and so ran there as fast as I could to notify them of the attempted assassination.

When I arrived at the building I had been brought there by my grandmother and entered, notifying one of the women inside of the events which has just unfolded. She asked me to follow her into a room but I refused until my grandmother came in with me, which she never did. I followed the woman to the room and was greeted by a long rounded table with roughly 8 women sat across it. To its left was a bar-like area with a raised floor and island which about 4 women say behind.

When I entered the room the woman I had followed closed the door behind us and promptly pulled out a notepad and pen and began asking me questions. Her questions were first related to the events which had unfolded, like who were the perpetrators and why did they want me dead, but soon they had become questions like how much would they need to keep me quiet about what happened. Soon I realized the Italian authorities were behind this scheme and I knew I had to get out of there.

Luckily, while on my way to this building earlier, I had seized a small corkscrew which was very sharp. In an attempt to escape from the room I stabbed multiple of the women, turning the screw clockwise as I stabbed it into them and ripped it out.

I escaped the building but found that my grandmother’s car had gone missing, I had no way to escape.