Welcome to Ragno Rants, my personal blog where I will promptly dump everything. This site is built off of Quartz, a digital garden hosting project. I aim to use this site to organize ideas and to work as a repository of things I find interesting so I may easily access them from anywhere. For that reason, do not expect an experience tailored for the reader.

I have split the site into “Three Corners” to make it easier to navigate and for me to organize things. The Dream Journal is where I log all my dreams (that I can remember), usually in the form of a short story or just me recalling what I remember. Media Reviews is where I post my reviews of books, movies, games, or whatever else I may review. Some reviews are written as repositories of information that I can look back on later. The Ragno Rants section is just where I post, well, rants. Ragno Rants is essentially the filter for anything posted that doesn’t belong in the Dream Journal or Media Reviews sections.

The Three Corners:

Dream Journal

Media Reviews

Ragno Rants